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Five Covid-Inspired Prompts for Writers


I don’t know about you, but writing has been more challenging for me than ever before in this pandemic. It seems that my mind is clogged with an overload of information and emotion, that I can hardly enjoy a flow of creativity. The last two weeks have been especially trying with the Say No To Rape movement in Nigeria and the Black Lives Matter protests in America. It’s really been one thing or another this year. 😢

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your writing, here are five covid-inspired prompts that can fuel your writing.

‘I hope you are safe.’

Think of a story about safety in dangerous times. Perhaps dig into your own life to find a time where you found safety in someone, someplace, or an idea. Did it turn out well? Explore this idea of safety and unusual places it can be found. Why do humans have to feel safe? What drives this basic human need?

Think of safety as a commodity, and the price as intangible. How much would your character be willing to pay for it?


Let your mind exceed the confines of the typical definition and usage of this word; let power be the operative word, in which ‘the danger’ is some type of power that must be controlled or concealed. Think of someone who is afraid of their own power. How do they encounter or discover it? How does it work? Does it change them just as much as it changes others? Does it grow, or does it have limits? Can it end, or is it eternal? Is it transferable, can it be stolen?

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Happy writing!

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