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    1. Fantastic storylines. I have not read the full books but I’m excited already. I have made payments to purchase two of your books.

      I was recently moaning to my children over the non availability of novels like PACESETTERS which we read as kids in primary school. I didnt know there are similar ones.

      Well done Dear.

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    2. There have always been this hunger to read more. I can’t remember the last time I was spellbound by books like the ones I have read here. God prosper the work of your imagination.

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    3. Hello Lola,
      I made payment for 3 books Behind mud walls, we know them, I see you then the peephole. Im eagerly waiting for the passwords. Well done on the excellent writing


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    4. I’ve received OYINADE. Bravo and Thanks Lola. Beautifully crafted with unexpected twists and turns. Looking forward to more. Please when are you starting the next series? Can’t wait.

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