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Breaking Out 2

She froze, rooted to the ground. She had heard Madam B dismissing the boys for the night, the Inspector liked his privacy. Who then could be behind her, it was a voice she wasn’t familiar with. Madam B would definitely kill her if she got caught, the last person who tried to escape had been taken away and no one had seen her again.

“I said where are you going?” the voice called out more sternly.

She turned around slowly, it was a policeman. Perhaps he would be nice, she considered telling him the truth until she realized that he was sitting in the police truck right outside Madam B’s most likely keeping guard.
“Who are you?” another voice asked and she realized that they were two. What had possessed her to think she could escape? Madam B was a very smart and calculative woman, she left no stone unturned and forgave no one.
“I’m G…Gloria” she said without thinking, already trembling with fear.
“And where are you going?”
“To buy c…condoms…Madam sent me to buy condoms.”
“Is that so?” the first policeman asked mischievously.
“Yes” she said more confidently, they looked like they were buying her story.
“For who?”
Gloria was confused, didn’t these guys know they were in front of a brothel? Both men came out of the vehicle now.
“Our guys have their own condoms, I know that. So you must be buying them for us uhn?” One of the policemen said laughingly as they advanced slowly towards her. “Let us save you the stress, we don’t need it either so just come”.
Fear had taken the form of a snake and was slowly creeping towards her, what could she do? A vehicle approached them, the headlights flooding everywhere with it’s white light. Gloria saw her chance and took off, running for her dear life.
“Stop! Freeze! Freeze or I’ll shoot!”
Even if she stopped, she was dead already so she continued running with the men in hot pursuit. The vehicle had made a turn into a street behind her returning the road to it’s former darkness. Instinct told her to cross over to the other side of the road and dash into any of the streets there. Confused and scared she turned into the third street running aimlessly and praying above the shouts of the policemen.
“God help me please!” she prayed desperately as the policemen began firing into the air.
She turned off into another street wondering who would even take her in.
“Come here” someone called out urgently from behind her. It was an elderly woman beckoning to her from the front of her gate.
Without even thinking she ran into the house.

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