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Behind Mud Walls S03 E01


Hello reader,

Yes I know, I’m the latest I’ve ever been! I sincerely apologize. Trust me, it has been for a good cause. So this is the beginning of the third and final season of Behind Mud Walls as promised and here is my surprise. You can have ALL of it.

Right now.

Yes, I mean the entire episodes of season three on whatever device you’re reading on right now!

Here’s the first episode:

Adegoke was grief-stricken but he was suspicious. He didn’t think that Adegbola would commit suicide, he loved himself too much to do such and was too timid. Adebisi had not stopped crying and Folasade had refused to eat.

Adeyimika. His mind told him that his younger son who had now suddenly become the heir of the compound and had everything to benefit from his brother’s death had something to do with his older son’s death.

As if on cue, Adeyimika came into his chamber and placed a bowl of warm pap on the floor.

“Father, you have to eat something. You can’t go on like this.”

“Did you kill him?” Adegoke asked.

Adeyimika glanced up at him angrily. “Why would you ask me such a thing father?”

“You have a lot to gain from your brother’s death. Folasade can now be your wife and we both know that you have had your eyes on her. All the wealth your brother should have had is now yours. You killed him, confess.”

Adeyimika’s eyes watered. “I have done everything you asked me to do. I have covered the shame of this family and supported whatever decision you took. How can you accuse me of such a thing? If I wanted to kill my brother why would I wait this long? Besides father, the head hunter said he committed suicide. Why do you think he was killed?”

“Because I know that Adegbola would never kill himself. He loved himself too much.”

Adeyimika bowed his head. “Maybe you’re right and I killed him. Something happened that you’re not aware of.”

“What is it?”

“You remember the last time we fought, when you said that I shouldn’t cross my boundary…”


“The next day, he came to the house and told me to come and perform my obligation.”


“He said she asked for it. If you had seen the shame on his face, you would have pitied him. And you know it rained. He had to stay in the room with us as we did it… he cried Baami.” He began to weep gently. “He wept and I pretended not to hear it until I finished making love to his wife. If I had known that it would make him feel that bad I would not have done it…” he wept some more. “I believe that was what led to him killing himself. He died of shame.”

Adegoke eyes were filled with tears.

“Get out of my sight.” He said.


“Have you heard?” Abeni said to her husband as he lay on the mat.

“Heard what?”

“Folasade had avenged us! It’s all over the village. Adegbola is said to have committed suicide.”

Durotolu sat up abruptly. “Very good, we have not finished with them. Adegoke will know that it is not only the poor who have power.”

Abeni was grinning widely. “Let us go and pay our condolences.”

“’We will, after you serve my breakfast.”


“Have you heard of Adegbola’s death?” Ibironke said to her husband as he came out of the house.


“Olumuyiwa just told me the news now. The whole village has heard of it.”

“What happened?” Agbeniyi asked surprised.

“They say he killed himself.” Olumuyiwa said.

“Killed himself? Why would he do that?”

“Who knows?” Ibironke replied, stunned at the news of her former son-in-law’s death. “We should go and pay our condolences.”

“As much as I am not happy about the tragedy, I don’t want to have anything to do with that family.”

“I understand my husband, but we will be regarded as heartless people if we don’t go.”


“Let us just go, please.”

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“Tell my mother that I’m well and tell her about how popular my beads are.” Mowunmi said to Ajadi as he prepared to leave.

“You’ve told me that several times already!” He teased. “Do you think that my brain is so light that it cannot retain your message?”

Mowunmi laughed. “I just don’t want you to forget. You might get carried away with all the preparations.”

“You’re already assuming that they will agree to our marriage.”

“They will,” Omolere said, slinging his bag onto his shoulder. “I will tell them how hard you work to take care of your mother and how successful you have become.”

“Please tell them!” Mowunmi pleaded.

“And don’t forget, you are to give your message only to my father. Trust no one else! Well, except Baba Fakorede, not Baba Fadare!”

“You have said that several times!” Ajadi teased.

“Because I don’t want you to forget.”

“Just be careful over there and come back soon.” Ajadi’s mother said to him.

“Don’t worry mother, we will be back before you know it and very soon you will carry your grandchildren.”


“Bring us back something!” Adunni said to her husband.

“Ajadi!” Mowunmi called just as the men turned the corner that led to the border of the village. “Beware of Baba Adegoke!”


“What are you doing here?” Adebisi asked Ibironke and her husband when they entered Adegoke’s house.

“We came to pay our condolences…”

“So you came here to mock us?”

“Not at all Iya Adegbola. Our children are no longer married, but that doesn’t mean that we are not compassionate. Please accept our condolences, we are not enemies…”

“We are!” Adeyimika said scornfully. “How dare you show your faces here?”

“Adeyimika… are you talking to us so rudely?” Ibironke asked unbelievingly, looking at his parents and wondering why they had not reprimanded him.

“That’s alright.” Agbeniyi said to his wife. “Let us go.”

Ibironke merely shook her head and did as her husband had said. Adegoke signaled to Adeyimika and they left the room.

“I hate those people. They had the guts to come and here and pretend to care about us?” Adeyimika said when they got out of the house.

“Forget about them.” His father replied. “You haven’t done what we discussed.”

“My brother just died, I didn’t want to be thinking about someone else’s death so soon.”

“Think about it! It is the only thing that can make me feel better about your brother’s death. My son died because of that wretched man’s daughter. Kill him and let us take over this village!”

“Yes father, I will not let you down.” He replied.

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