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Behind Mud Walls S02 E10: “Desperate Trust.”


Dear reader,

This is the end of the second season of this series. The third and final season of the series will be available on Monday the 15th of August, 2016. I hope you’ll be here!


Agbeniyi weeded away the grass, rose up and stilled. He moved his head this way and that, squinting his eyes.

“Father what is it?” Olumuyiwa asked from behind him and walked closer to him.

“I saw someone…”

“You saw someone?”

“Yes, I saw someone behind those trees, the person was watching this place.”

“Who could it be?”

“I don’t know…” Agbeniyi replied, concern etched on his eyebrows. He knew that the battle with Adegoke was not over and he suspected that whoever it was had something to do with Adegoke’s greed for his land.

“Father… maybe you should sell the land to him…” Olumuyiwa said.

Agbeniyi glanced at his son in surprise, wondering how he had guessed his thoughts and why he had given such an advice.

“Olumuyiwa, don’t you know that I’m doing all I am for you and your brother?”

“I know Baami, but no land is worth your life…”

“It is! It is my son. Don’t you understand? This is more than a land, it is our heritage, your heritage. It is your future, I will fight for it with my last blood and so must you. I’m going to leave a better life for you my children, you must do the same for your children. Go back to work, all will be well.”

As Agbeniyi bent to continue his work, Olumuyiwa’s respect for his father grew. Much more than money, his father had taught him how to be a man.

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Adegbola was on his way back from the farm, still thinking about the arrangement with his brother and wondering how much longer he could endure the situation. The clouds were slowly gathering and a light breeze blew in his face. Adegbola sighed and allowed his thoughts to stray towards Mowunmi.

“I covered you even though you deliberately trapped me in this marriage”

Even now, months after her escape, he still loved Mowunmi. The love that they had shared had been real but he had allowed his fear of his father and his pride to destroy it. Folasade was not patient like Mowunmi, she could not be trusted and he knew that she only loved him for his money. She was cold and when she smiled at him, he could tell that it wasn’t genuine. He thought of how she had barely said anything to him as he left for the farm earlier in the morning.

“I’m leaving.”

She had grunted in response, and continued packing up the clay dishes.

“I said I’m leaving.”

“I heard you!” she replied irritably. “Can’t you see I’m doing something?”

“So you’re too busy to wish me a good day.”

She had smiled cynically then. “I wish you a good day.”

Not in the mood to get into a fight with her and conscious of her condition, he left the house.

Now as he returned home, he realized that he was tired of his marriage to Folasade. It had been a huge mistake to marry her, he had only trapped himself in a loveless marriage that could end up destroying his reputation. He was at the mercy of Adeyimika who he had always known to be ambitious and greedy and his father who was more concerned about the family name than his own happiness.


He turned to see Adeyimika running up to him and panting.

“What is it? Is Folasade alright?”

“Yes she is. You have to come with me!”

“Where to?”

“I’ve found a solution to your problem!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I went hunting this afternoon when I heard some people talking about a healer at River Anfani. They say that she has healed all kinds of diseases there. All you need to do is reward her with whatever you have. So let’s go before she leaves, she’s been there all day!”

Adegbola was suspicious. “So you care for me?”

Adeyimika smiled cheerlessly. “You think I’m happy about giving my children to you? My first seed is going to be yours. Do you think that makes me happy? How long do we go on with this plan? What happens when I get married?”

Adegbola gasped.

“Oh I see that you’ve not even thought of that. How would I explain my absences in the middle of the night to my wife? This is the only way out of this problem you have brought on us. Get healed and leave me alone! Now let’s go before it’s too late!”

Adegbola promptly followed him, it was the only ray of hope he had felt in a long time. As they walked towards the forest Adeyimika suddenly stopped.

“You have to take off your clothes here, I was told that you are to approach her naked.”

“Naked? Am I to be naked in front of a strange woman?”

“Be naked now so you can be naked with your wife! Why are you being modest?”

Reluctantly and feeling that something was amiss, Adegbola turned around and began to take off his clothes.

“Are you going to stand there looking at me? Turn away!”

Adeyimika did as he was told and looked around. It was as isolated as he wanted it to be.

“What’s next?” Adegbola asked, covering his crotch with his hands, stark naked.

Adeyimika turned to face him. “You keep walking straight towards the river, and take the turn to your right. She’s siting under a tree.”

Adegbola hesitated, feeling vulnerable and scared. “Are you going to be here?”

“Of course! I’m not going to leave this place.”

Adegbola turned around and started walking towards the river, praying that he would be healed as his brother had said. He closed his eyes, thinking of how much his life would change with his healing. He would find a way to divorce Folasade and learn to stand up to his father.

Suddenly he felt something hard hit his head, the last thing he remembered was the sight of Adeyimika, holding a big stick and frowning at him.

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“There’s something I have to tell you.” Mowunmi said to Ajadi as they sat underneath the mango tree.

“Your face looks dull, what is it?” Ajadi asked.

“Please promise me that you will listen to all my explanation and not leave me.”

“Leave you? Why would I do that?”

“Just listen to me first!”

“There’s nothing you can say that will change my mind about you.”

“Ajadi, listen to me first.”

“Alright…” Mowunmi got up, wrung her hands and paced.

“Ah ah Mowunmi, is it this serious? Calm down!”

“You don’t understand!”

Ajadi got up and held her by the shoulders. “Whatever it is, we will sort it out. Talk to me!”

“I’m married!” she blurted.

Ajadi’s shoulders sagged and he stepped away from her.

“You’re married…” he said.

“Yes, but I’m still a virgin!”

Ajadi shook his head as if to clear away the confusion that Mowunmi had created.

“He was impotent, and I didn’t know until we were married. Then his father decided that his younger brother would impregnate me and he would raise the child as his own…” She began to cry, reliving the pain of the experience. “I told him I wouldn’t do it and told my mother about their plan. Then we planned how I escaped from my village… please Ajadi, don’t leave me…”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“I didn’t know how to tell you…”

Ajadi sat down and held his head in hands.

“So I can’t marry you?”

Mowunmi was stunned. “You… you want to marry me?”

“I told you that I would not leave you.”

Mowunmi fell on her knees and held his hands in hers. “Thank you!”

“What are you thinking me for? I can’t marry you…” He replied sadly.

“We don’t have to go back. We can be married here!”

“No, I won’t do it that way. I want to marry you properly and give you the honor you deserve.”

“So what do we do?”

“I will go to your village and talk to you parents. We will see what they have to say about it.”

Mowunmi smiled, she had found a man who was willing to fight for her.

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When night came and Folasade didn’t see Adegbola she knew that Adeyimika had fulfilled his promise. She wrapped a scarf around her head and went to her in-laws’ house.

“Mother!” she cried as soon as she saw Adebisi.

“Folasade, what are you doing here at this time of the day? Haven’t I told you not to give yourself any trouble?”

“It is Adegbola!”

“What about him?” Adebisi dropped the basket she had been holding.

“I haven’t seen him, is he here? I don’t know why he would not come home at this time of the day, knowing my condition.”

“You haven’t seen him? He’s not here! Alright, follow me let’s go and see if he’s with his father.”

Hours passed and no one knew where Adegbola was.

“And you’re sure he didn’t tell you he was going anywhere?”

“He didn’t tell me anything!” Folasade wept. “The last thing he told me was that he was going out to the farm. Adegbola o! My husband, where are you?”

“My son! Where is my son! Whom have I offended that has taken away my son! Adegbola! Where are you?” Adebisi cried bitterly.

Adegoke signaled to the slaves to take his wife and Folasade in, but as they were about to obey, the hunters who had gone in search for him came back with somber faces. Adeyimika was with them.

“What is it?” Adegoke asked.

“Did you find my son?” Adebisi asked.

“Take the women inside.” Adegoke commanded, his eyes remaining on the head hunter who was his friend.

“My friend…”

“Tell me what happened.” He snapped.

“We found his clothes on the ground near River Anfani, it looks as if he committed suicide. His clothes were at the edge of the cliff.”

Adegoke staggered back in pain.


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