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Behind Mud Walls S02 E09: “Vulnerability.”


Dear reader,

As with the previous season, this season comes to an end with the tenth episode which is going to be posted tomorrow. The third season of Behind Mud Walls will be available sooner than you can imagine and I have a surprise you! Look forward to this and enjoy today’s post! 


“Look at the two of them!” Omolere said to his wife Adunni.

They were looking at Mowunmi and Ajadi who were seated together under a wide tree, talking and laughing passionately. The visit to Ajadi’s house had opened the door to a relationship that had slowly began as a friendship and grown to a courtship.

“I’m so happy!”

“I know! Ah! Adunni, you are a master matchmaker. I never even thought of it.”

“How will you? I am the observant one!”

“I trust you to praise yourself! But seriously, where do you see this leading to?”

“Marriage of course!” Adunni replied, surprised to hear her husband asking such a question.

“But who would collect her brideprice?”

“We will!”

“Adunni, don’t tell me you believe her story about being an orphan.”

“Why would I not believe it, why would she lie? I was an orphan too but look at where I am now. Or do you doubt my own story too?”

“Of course not! You confessed to me and I knew you were telling me the truth…”

“So you think she’s hiding something? Why then have you allowed her to stay here all this while?”

“Because I believe that she is an innocent person and whatever she was running away from must have been very bad. I’m only bringing this up now so that you can implore her to tell Ajadi before it is too late. Let him decide if he still wants her to marry her in spite of her history.”

Adunni sighed, worried that something might go wrong with the love affair that she had begun.

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Folasade needed to speak with Adeyimika but she knew that she could only do this if she requested for lovemaking. Her father was getting impatient with the revenge plan and had accused her of being too weak to do what needed to be done.

“Why?” Adegbola had said after she told him of her request.

“I’m not made of wood, I want to enjoy my husband whether I’m pregnant or not.”

“Do you know how long I’ve been looking forward to having my own child? I won’t do something that might harm my child.”

“There’s nothing wrong in it and no harm can come to the child.”

“How do you know that?”

“So you will deny me lovemaking throughout this pregnancy?”

“Folasade, let’s talk about something else.”

She kept quiet but brought it up with her mother-in-law the next day, knowing that the woman would do anything she requested for.

“Is anything wrong with making love when one is pregnant?”

Adebisi had stilled but regained her composure. “No, but our mothers advise against it. They say it could affect the growing child.”


“What is the problem?”

“It’s just that… my husband is not touching me anymore. Ever since I got pregnant, he has abandoned me…”

“No… He’s just trying to protect his baby. Stop worrying about it! Just enjoy the rest while you can. The moment you give birth he will be all over you again!”

They had laughed about it but Adebisi took the matter to her son.

“Give her what she wants. Don’t let her suspect anything. Sometimes, pregnancy makes a woman want things. Just tell her that it will be the last time you make love until she gives birth.”

“Alright.” He had replied reluctantly and walked shamefacedly to his brother later that evening.

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“Come and perform your obligation tonight.”

“Tonight? Isn’t she pregnant?” Adeyimika asked in surprise.

“She is asking for it…” he said and walked away.

Adeyimika was surprised but happy.


Armed with another dose of the potion from Fakorede, Folasade was wide awake when Adeyimika lay by her side later that night.

“What is going on?” Adeyimika said in hushed tones.

“I had to see you. What about our plan?”

“Is that why you called me?” he replied in surprise.

“I want to be married to you. I’m tired of this impotent man and it seems that you have forgotten me!”

“I have not!”

“You have! In fact I think that you just deceived me into thinking that you love me. You don’t love me and you have just left me to suffer here.”

“Don’t say that again! I, deceive you? You think I was just bragging? I say what I mean!”

“It’s a lie! You’re just trying to make me endure until I give birth. Who knows if you don’t want to kill me like you killed Mowunmi?”

Adeyimika got up thoroughly provoked. “I will surprise you! Just make sure you say goodbye to him tomorrow when he leaves the house.”

Folasade was pleased when he left, every moment she kept up the pretense with Adegbola made her loathe him more.

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Adegoke was unhappy about the fact that Agbeniyi had been helped by the king. He was hoping that Ibironke would be desperate enough to do what her husband could not do in order to get him out of prison. His dreams of a larger harvest would not be fulfilled and most of all it seemed that a poor farmer had triumphed over him.


“Adeyimika. What are you doing here?”

“You said I should come and call you when we finish with the barn…”


“Father, what is it? You’re sitting here all by yourself and thinking. What is wrong?”

“Kabiyesi paid Agbeniyi’s debt.”

“Ah ah. Why? Does he not know that you’re one of his strong supporters?”

Adegoke smiled sardonically. “He said Agbeniyi’s life was in danger and since the reason for his being imprisoned was the debt, he decided to pay it.”

“And since when did Kabiyesi start paying the debt of prisoners…?”

“That is not even the issue. The issue is that Agbeniyi’s land is not mine after all my efforts. I thought that if he was in prison long enough, his wife would sell it.”

Adeyimika didn’t respond, he thought about what could be done.

“Forgive my asking, but why do you want to buy this land?”

Adegoke looked at his son intently. He had proven himself trustworthy, keeping Adegbola’s secret and willing to do what it took to uphold the family name. He deserved to know.

“Adeyimika, you see, in life one has to look ahead and not just be satisfied being in the same position. Our family is known as the richest and most prestigious in Ajobo, but we are not known outside this village. And we must do something about it.”

He leaned closer to him. “We’re from the royal family, I can be the king of this village and you can be a prince…”

Adeyimika opened his eyes wide and stared at his father.

“But we need money to do this. If I buy Agbeniyi’s land, we have better harvests and we get the money we need to make sure that everyone who is important is on our side. You see why I need Agbeniyi’s farmland?”

Adeyimika had gotten over the shock of overthrowing the king and was now thrilled with the idea of being a prince.

“There’s no way for you to buy it except Agbeniyi dies and you buy it from his brothers. Those ones are greedy.”

“And Agbeniyi is not ready to die…”

“He will die if you allow me to kill him.”

Adegoke looked at his youngest son sharply. “You will kill him for me?”

“Have I ever disappointed you father?”

“No Adeyimika, you have never disappointed me.”

“So calm down, I will find a way to do it. You will own that land.”

Adegoke smiled and wished that Adeyimika was his older son.

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“My husband thinks that there’s something you’ve not told us.” Adunni said to Mowunmi as they waited for dinner to cook.

“Something I’ve not told you?”

“Yes. He thinks that the story you told us about your past is not true.”

Mowunmi looked away and pursed her lips. Months ago she would have vehemently denied the accusation but recently she had been thinking about her past and its effect on her future. The love between her and Ajadi was growing stronger and she knew that very soon he would ask for her hand in marriage. She wondered how she would explain to him that she was already married even though it had never been consummated. Would Ajadi understand? Would she have to let go of her love for him?

“What is it?” Adunni asked.

“Nothing.” She replied sadly.

“You say nothing is wrong and you look so sad. Talk to me Mowunmi.”

Adunni watched her young friend struggle with the thoughts on her mind and knew that it was time for her to share her own story with her. If she couldn’t be vulnerable with her, how could she expect the same of Mowunmi?

So, she told her about her past and how she had had to trust Omolere with the truth.

“He knows me just as I know him.”

“But what if he refuses to accept me?”

“Then you are not meant for each other.” Mowunmi started to shake her head. “Look! The truth always comes out, even if it goes away for twenty years.”

Mowunmi heaved a sigh and began to tell Adunni her story. When she was done Adunni exhaled.

“It is not telling the truth that got you into so much trouble. Tell the truth now.”

“I don’t want his love for me to turn to hatred…”

“It will if you don’t tell him the truth and he finds out later. Do you want to do to him what your husband did to you?”

Mowunmi looked sharply at Adunni. It was exactly as she had said.

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