I hope Mowunmi finds love. I pity Agbeniyi’s family, they …

Comment on Behind Mud Walls S02 E08: “The Warning.” by Tosin.

I hope Mowunmi finds love. I pity Agbeniyi’s family, they have met their match.

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The Unknown
Thanks for this inspiring piece

We Knew Them Part 38
Lanre has shown his true character again. He’s so selfish. I’ll be waiting for next week friday to purchase the sequel
Teamderrick all the way.

We Knew Them Part 27
Lanre’s parents didn’t bring him up well at all. So rude.
But Hope will eventually had to meet her father one day, its so sad, women are always at the receiving end.

We Knew Them Part 26
Family of selfish people, only Remi seems to be sane. If only Jumoke’s mum had not insisted on the families being friends, all this nonsense won’t have happenned.
Lanre is so weak, a man that can’t stand up to his responsibility…what a shame.
I am enjoying this story. Thanks maam .

We Knew Them Part 11
Mrs Oludare is so bitter, it is unfortunate her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock but she should be part of the team encouraging her to pick up her life and move on. She was the one who encouraged her daughter to be friends with the twin girls thereby giving access to Lanre. Its so sad. Thank God for her father’s support.