Adegoke has met his match in Folasade’s father. I am …

Comment on Behind Mud Walls S02 E08: “The Warning.” by teekay.

Adegoke has met his match in Folasade’s father. I am glad that Mowunmi’s family has remained innocent in the whole matter.

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Abowu District Episode 29
Toye has become ensnared by his lust for Anabelle and money. I wonder how far he’d go. I suspect he’ll end up losing both Anabelle and Becky. If only he’d stay away from these bad friends.

Abowu District Episode 17
Hmmmm……. so poverty has robbed Toye of his sense of sympathy and human feeling.

Book Tour: Lawrence Amaeshi’s Sweet Crude Odyssey
I am already captivated by the excerpt of your novel and my curiosity is piqued too.
I have the impression that your novel exposes some deep issues in the Nigeria political scene. Have you at one time been in politics? Or was this story all conceived in you brilliant mind?
Kindly share with us how this novel , about. Thanks.

Abowu District Episode 3
No, Toye. You have not done well.

Announcement: Online Book Tour of Guardian of the Fall
I look forward to participating.