Hmmm, I sense Karma setting in! …

Comment on Behind Mud Walls S02 E06: “The Antidote.” by onepoethead.

Hmmm, I sense Karma setting in!

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Behind Mud Walls S02 E05: “Hot and Cold.”
Ahhh! So they wanted to kill Agbeniyi, God pass them

Behind Mud Walls S02 E04: “Second Love.”
Hmmmm, evil men with evil intentions.Anyway, I pray for Mowunmi’s Family

Behind Mud Walls S02 E03: “The Meeting.”
Hmmmm!!!! I hope all gets well soon

Behind Mud Walls S02 E02: “Broken Bridges and Moldy Stock Fish.”
Poverty and fear of the unknown has led very many people into bondage. I hope something is done before he gets physical on them

The Family Part 35
Waoooh!!!!! This story is da bomb, I totally enjoyed it. God bless you Aunty Lola