At last the truth is now known to Folashade. I …

Comment on Behind Mud Walls S02 E06: “The Antidote.” by Adenike Adekunle.

At last the truth is now known to Folashade. I trust her she will tell as many people as she can….One hundred days for the thief, one big day for the owner.heheheheh

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We Knew Them Part 37
Hmmm it may not even be a miscarriage.A friend of mine once woke up in a pool of blood at 4 months and there was nothing wrong with the baby.Imagine Lanre did not expect Jumoke to be that strong meaning he specialises in taking advantage of people’s weakness. Let’s imagine that Jumoke is silly enough to succumb, Mrs Oludare and Gemini will choke life out of her and dats is not the kind of situation she wants for herself.

We Knew Them Part 35
Good job Remi, at least Jumoke’s wall of defence that was somewhat crashing is now rebuilt as a result of Remi’s info.

We Knew Them Part 34
Jumoke will be making a bigger mistake than the first if she goes back to Lanre. He does not worth it cost he has a lot of issues. He hides a lot of things from his fiancee and he is such a creepy fellow, using a kiss to diary a woman that is already edgy tells a lot a him.Derrick would have just gone away that using emotions on a woman. The emotions he could not control when he impregnated her is still playingnon him. I am not even saying the storyline should not go in the direction of Jumoke and Lanre coming together but make sure you include where Jumoke was bitten twice.

We Knew Them Part 19
Nooooo, they should not get back o. The guy did not love her. I say that with all boldness because if he did, he would have looked for her. Ahan 12 years! radarada in jenifa’s voice.

We Knew Them Part 16
Hmmm, i pray Jumoke does not show any sign of weakness. Great writing