A Free Journaling Course for You!

Hi there,

Do you keep journals? Okay let me be a little more specific, do you own a diary? Do you detail important moments in your life on a regular basis? Do you want to learn how journaling can improve your mental health? Then, this free course is for you!

Sara Letourneau, of Heart of the Story Editorial and Coaching Services, is finalizing plans on a new course: Journaling for Emotional Resiliency. She has room for 10 participants. Here’s the criteria for selection:

  • You want to nurture your journaling practice through a series of themed prompts that will use your imagination to help you look at personal challenges from a creative perspective.
  • You’re willing to use journaling to dig deep and write about past or present experiences so you can grow as a person.
  • You’re willing to dedicate one (1) hour per week for seven (7) weeks to complete the email course.
  • You’d be open to trying one or two suggested and simple additional activities (outside of journaling, in other words) to enhance the theme of each week’s journaling prompt.
  • You’d like to participate in a private Facebook group for writers who sign up for Journaling for Emotional Resiliency. (If you don’t use Facebook, you can post about your experience with the course on Twitter or Instagram instead.)  

I met Sara in Iceland last year, but even before I did, I greatly admired her teaching skills and wonderful blog. Sara is a freelance editor, writing coach and award-winning poet. I’m sure you will find this course useful, so if you’re interested and willing, please send her a message on Facebook. Spots are filling up fast!

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