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5 Simple Tips To Becoming The Writer Of Your Dreams


Writing is a lot harder than people think, especially for budding writers. You think that all you need to do is to write, until somebody tells you that your story is not so great, that it has loopholes and that your characters are not well developed. So, you go in search of writing tips because …

7 Effective Tips For Improving Your English Grammar And Writing Skills


The Adams lived in a former British colony. The English language was—and still is—the lingua franca. Thanks to their university education, they all understood and spoke English fairly well. Or so they thought. Until two of the Adams’ son took an interest in writing stories and essays. The preteens showed such remarkable talent that their …

Life as a Writer Mom: 8 tips every writer mom can benefit from.


If like me you have to combine parenting and writing, you most likely understand how much of a struggle it is. It’s difficult trying to collect your thoughts and attending to screaming children. But we love our children, and we also love our work! So what to do? 1. If they’re old enough, help them …

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