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Abowu District Episode 28

The restaurant on Thompson Road had opened because of Mr Carlton’s generosity. Sewa peeked through the kitchen door at her customers eating and laughing. There were just two empty tables left, all the other tables were taken and the kitchen was almost running out of food. Sewa couldn’t believe how well things were going. She stepped out of the kitchen and went to the back of the building where two women were pounding yam and a third was stirring a pan...

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Abowu District Episode 21

Hi there! I trust that you’ve been enjoying the series so far?  I’ve got some news for you.

There’ll be one more episode (on Monday), and then the series will be on a break, for a month. I hope I’ll see you tomorrow! Please leave a comment and share this link.

Thanks for being here. ❤

The baby was crying, Becky could hear him but she was too weak to carry him from the bed where she had laid him. It was eleven in the morning and she had only been able to manage moving from the bed to the chair and table beside the wall. She needed to make some pap for herself, she could feel her weakness taking over her body and her eyes were dizzy from the little effort she had made.

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